Microsoft Word - SWC Press Release_Eurowings Summer Camapign_Tra

Microsoft Word – SWC Press Release_Eurowings Summer Camapign_Tra

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SWC Partnership joins The Network One

SWC has become a member of thenetworkone, the world’s largest network of independent agencies.  Meaning we’re now in an even better space to provide the best service possible and help clients market to their international audiences. What is thenetworkone? Founded in 2003, the network consists of 1,200 agencies in 115 countries worldwide. The agencies within […]

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Wallonia-Belgium Goes Live With ‘Brexit, Fix It’ Campaign Targeting UK Companies

The UK leaving the EU has caused major trade disruption, increased costs, the introduction of new complex paperwork, all resulting in big delays.   The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency represents the southern region of Belgium. As such, Brexit for them means a big opportunity to attract British companies to register subsidiaries in the country and take advantage of the many assets and benefits the Wallonia region exclusively offers to foreign companies, as well as giving the opportunity […]

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