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With over 25 years of history, Teledyne FLIR are giants – and market leaders – in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras and sensors. Working across industries such as Public Safety, Defence, Smart Cities and Research & Development, they specialise in perception and awareness enhancing systems and technologies.

Teledyne FLIR came to us when one of their core verticals, comprising two-thirds of their business, needed promotion. As the first communication activity for this vertical, marketing materials and campaigns had to be created from scratch. We therefore needed to take a strategic approach to address their needs, and created a brand strategy that looked at their 5 core audiences and their specific needs. We looked at their core competitors and the market landscape to identify FLIR’s potential point of difference, before creating their positioning proposition and a strategic messaging framework to provide the foundations and strategic tools upon which to base a campaign. Once strategy was signed off, we then moved on to creative concepts for the new look and feel for the condition monitoring market, which they have been using ever since.


With little pre-existing information from a strategic or a marketing point of view, or previous campaigns or audience insights, we had to identify these aspects from the ground up. We started from scratch to create a strategic creative platform for FLIR to utilise for future campaigns and for years to come.


  • Strategic positioning guide for internal use to inform external communications
  • Creation of creative routes
  • Hero creative design
  • Brand style guide
  • Messaging framework
  • Asset creation for multi-formats, including digital ad banners


  • Establishing FLIR in the Teledyne family since the merging of the two brands
  • New creative concepts
  • New strategic framework
  • Platform for condition monitoring to help inform other subverticals
  • Created an additional subvertical, Utilities, borne out of the main strategic piece, which needed to be nuanced out of the main strategic vertical. The creative followed a visually similar route, retaining core brand equity elements and the vertical-specific look and feel
  • New look and feel campaigns

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