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OFX are an Australian-based company specialising in foreign exchange planning for business leaders and high-net-worth individuals. Experts in helping customers and businesses make global transfers with confidence, they offer much more than just a transactional relationship.

OFX initially appointed SWC Partnership to build their brand presence across the European financial sector, and worked very closely on planning and buying advertising media.


OFX has low brand awareness amongst UK SMEs that transfer money internationally, therefore awareness was essential to revenue growth.

As an Australian-based business, OFX were looking for a company with European market credentials and experts in marketing to B2B audiences.


SWC’s approach blended long-term brand building activity, such as radio, with short-term demand-capture activations, such as trade press and podcasts.

– Global radio spots with a top-tier broadcast media company

– Callouts at peak-time slots around business news updates

– National Press: The Times digital and newspaper print activations

– Real-time marketing/tactical campaigns around the GBP value dropping heavily against the USD.

We targeted high net worth individuals and finance directors of SME’s around business updates at drive times, so when they are on their commute and engaged listening, on LBC radio.


• 12-month radio campaign

• 42 x 30-second ads per week

• 98.73 million impacts (people reached x opportunities to hear)

• 4.39 million reach

• 24.9 OTH (opportunities to hear) i.e. the no. of times each of the people in our target audience might hear the ad, as in several times a day.

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