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The LEHVOSS Corporate Group, founded in 1894, is a trading firm for chemical and mineral specialties. Started in Germany, the company is now global and has expanded into lubricants, nutritional supplements, diagnostics equipment and paints and sealants.

SWC is focused on Lehvoss Personal Care, where experts help formulators within the beauty and perfume industry create new, innovative products and provide the raw materials.


The brief for Lehvoss Personal Care was to bring the brand to life and create a strong presence and unique voice in this competitive market. The company’s brand values exist, but are not being utilised on the website or in product comms.


SWC created a distinct new look and feel, bringing the brand to life and exemplifying its value, such as innovation and sustainability. We deliberately moved away from technicians in lab coats and more towards the joy of raw ingredients, such as Meadowfoam Oil, and the beauty and the possibilities of the end products Lehvoss can help create with its clients. Using warm and contemporary colourways, imagery and typography, we created a beautiful new look to enhance the Personal Care brand and entice engagement, setting us apart from the competition. We also provided a strategic approach to target our niche audience via an ABM approach in our channel planning.


New branding and marketing assets to be used globally

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