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SWC appointed to launch the world’s first purpose-built multi-storey skatepark, branded F51.

The park is the first of its kind and will house three floors of skating, a climbing wall through the middle and a boxing club.

The scale of the construction will make it home to European skateboarding, as well as a unique live events space for competitions, music artists and product launches.

SWC Partnership has been appointed for their leisure marketing experience and will be responsible for leading the brand strategy, acquisition marketing and sponsorship activities.


SWC appointed to form marketing strategy due to no expertise in-house. 


Formation of the brand and acquisition marketing strategy to cover, pre-lunch, pre-sales, launch day and post-launch. 

Campaign planning for launch in summer 2020.


Launch planned for summer 2020, stay tuned for results! 


  • Client F51 - Home Of European Skateboarding
  • Audience B2C
  • Location Tunbridge Wells
  • Geographic scope UK & International
  • Industry Sports, Leisure

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