Meet the Team: Tim Goulding

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Q. What has your journey been to become a Creative Director, and how did you arrive at SWC? 

A. I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed an uninterrupted career spanning over 40 years, a career that has enabled me to work with many wonderful clients and a variety of multinational brands. Art has been my life, ever since I graduated from Bath Academy of Art with the classical skills of life drawing, etching, silk-screen printing, metal typesetting, bookbinding, photography and art history, it has been central to everything I do. So, when I am not writing and creating images at work, I write and paint in my spare time. Although I have been using computers since the first Apple Mac landed on my desk, my initial thinking is still brought to life with a stubby HB pencil. I love the simplicity of it, the humble pencil is capable of a sketch, a scribble, a story, or a world-changing equation.

My job titles may have changed over the years, but my love for creating something new every day remains as passionate as ever. This is a passion shared by SWC who like me believe in keeping lines of communication short and listening time long, forming truly strong partnerships with clients, always striving to exceed expectations and lower hassle. After all, work doesn’t need to be hard work does it.

Q. Describe an average working day.

A. My dog normally lets me know it’s about 6.15am, so I’m normally out of the house by 6.30 for an early morning walk across the beautiful fields behind my home in Tenterden. The open space and tranquillity provide the perfect environment to think about the projects I’m working on without the pressures of sitting at a desk.

Like a lot of people, working from home has now become the norm and I am lucky enough to have a space to work. An inspiring place that surrounds me with countless art books, paintings and artefacts collected from all my travels.

My day, of course, finishes with another dog walk.

Q. What’s been your biggest creative challenge in your career?

A. Time.

Q. And the campaign you’re most proud of is? 

A. It’s very difficult to pick out one campaign over so many years, each job has its unique challenges and solutions. For me, it’s always been the relationship and trust developed with my clients that has been the thing I am most proud of. For instance, I have worked with every division of Honda Motor Europe for over 40 years.

Q. Any tips for people wanting to break into the world of creative advertising?

A. Remember that you are a brand too, so ensure you present yourself as someone worth investing in. Always have faith in your ability, never stop learning always be curious reach out and talk to as many different people and agencies as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

The best life advice that was given to me many years ago, has remained with me and can be seen almost every day. “You can tell a lot about a person’s character, by the way they treat people that are not important to them.”

Q. What makes SWC different to anywhere else you have worked?

A. That’s easy, they have a genuine team spirit and mutual respect that runs throughout the entire company. They care about each other as much as the work they do, honesty and transparency are unquestionable, along with an unshakable commitment to always do the right thing. It’s no wonder they were voted one of the top ten agencies in this year’s Times Best Places to Work survey.

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